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Bigg Boss S11 [Live Today Episode Online]- The show is very famous reality show of Indian television industry which is broadcasted on Colors channel. The format of the show is taken from the Dutch TV show Big Brother. We all know that in past ten years the show has gained a lot of popularity. Also knows very well nowadays people are so much busy due to their hectic schedule. That’s why they prefer to watch Bigg Boss live today episode online on internet or watch Bigg Boss live YouTube. They don’t wanna to miss a single episode of Bigg Boss S11. But all of us can see the Bigg Boss S11 live feed as well as we all can see the Bigg Boss 11 repeat telecast time.

There are 10 seasons are already broadcasted and this is the 11th season of Bigg Boss which brings new faces and new controversies. Some contestants of Bigg Boss 11 are usually from the entertainment field. The audience is eagerly waiting to see their favorite celebs in the show that are locked inside the Bigg Boss house. The Bigg Boss house is a well-decorated house. There were generally one or two bedrooms, kitchen, activity area, gym, swimming pool & also a big garden. And you can see them online on Bigg Boss 11 live today episode.

But in Bigg Boss 11 the contestants are the combination of famous celebrities of TV industry & common people. Let see, who will become the winner of Bigg Bos 11 – A Celebrity or A Commoner?

Once again, Salman Khan host the Bigg Boss show and this is the ninth season of Salman’s hosting this show. Now he is became the synonym of the Bigg Boss, because most of the user come to see Salman Khan in the show. His aura really works wonderfully and the TRPs reached upto next level with him.

Bigg Boss 11 Repeat Telecast Time:

The show timing of Bigg Boss S11 show on Colors channel is –

  • Monday to Friday – 10:30 pm

  • Saturday & Sunday – 09:00 pm

Now, come into the Bigg Boss 11 repeat telecast time which is telecast on every day on Colors channel.

  • 12:30 AM to 2:00 AM & 04:00 PM to 05:00PM

Bigg Boss Live Youtube:

Well, there is not any particular channel on YouTube to watch Bigg Boss Live. May be many people or channels of Youtube post a video clip of Bigg Boss 11 or post a creative video regarding Bigg Boss 11 house/latest news of Bigg Boss/contestants of Bigg Boss 11.

So, no one can post a full episode of Bigg Boss 11 on Youtube and you cannot see the Bigg Boss live YouTube. Because has taken all rights to telecast the all shows of Colors channel. Just go on Voot and watch any episode of Bigg Boss 11.

Bigg Boss Today Episode Online:

If you miss any single episode of Bigg Boss 11 then you can see here Bigg Boss 11 Today episode online on given links. So, just click and see the online episodes of Bigg Boss 11.

Bigg Boss S11 E0 | 01 October 2017: Bigg Boss S11 Launch[Grand Premier Night]

Bigg Boss S11 E1 | 02 October 2017: First day first fight in Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss S11 E2 | 03 October 2017: Nominations begin on Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss S11 E3 | 04 October 2017: Drama galore in the 3rd day of Bigg Boss S11.

Bigg Boss S11 E4 | 05 October 2017: Fight between Zubair Vs Arshi.

Bigg Boss S11 E5 | 06 October 2017: Kaalkothri revealed for housemates.

Bigg Boss S11 E5.1 | 07 October 2017: Salman Kicks Priyank Out from Bigg Boss S11 house.

Bigg Boss S11 E5.2 | 08 October 2017: Weekend Ka Waar fun with Salman Khan & Golmaal again team.

Bigg Boss S11 E6 | 09 October 2017: The Padosis entry on real Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss S11 E7 | 10 October 2017: One King & two queen’s task.

Bigg Boss S11 E8 | 11 October 2017: Padosis almost exposed in their task.

Bigg Boss S11 E9 | 12 October 2017: Arsh & Shilpa no more BFFs.

Bigg Boss S11 E10 | 13 October 2017: Sapna attacks Arshi!

Bigg Boss S11 E10.1 | 14 October 2017: Salman takes Hina’s class & Hina faces heat.

Bigg Boss S11 E10.2 | 15 October 2017: Diwali Dhamaka.

Bigg Boss S11 E11 | 16 October 2017: The first padosi evicted.

Bigg Boss S11 E12 | 17 October 2017: Vikas faces a Bigg punishment.

Bigg Boss S11 E13 | 18 October 2017: Fight between Luv vs Akash.

Bigg Boss S11 E14 | 19 October 2017: Arshi does the unthinkable!

Bigg Boss S11 E15 | 20 October 2017: Hina’s fury unleashed.

Bigg Boss S11 E15.1 | 21 October 2017: Hina vs Arshi on Sultaani Akhada.

Bigg Boss S11 E15.2 | 22 October 2017: Dhinchak Pooja enters on Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss S11 E16 | 23 October 2017: Nomination task to test the friendship bond.

Bigg Boss S11 E17 | 24 October 2017: Jungle rule in BB11 house.

Bigg Boss S11 E18 | 25 October 2017: Dhinchak Pooja the pawn.

Bigg Boss S11 E19 | 26 October 2017: Is Hina guilty?

Bigg Boss S11 E20 | 27 October 2017: Priynak returns to BB11 house.

Bigg Boss S11 E20.1 | 28 October 2017: Blockbuster time for BB11 contestants.

Bigg Boss S11 E20.2 | 29 October 2017: Weekend Ka Vaar comes with a reality check!

Bigg Boss S11 E21 | 30 October 2017: Priyank the serial rule breaker!

Bigg Boss S11 E22 | 31 October 2017: Vikas’ secret task in the luxury budget task.

Bigg Boss S11 E23 | 01 November 2017: Vikas turns the whole game of the task.

Bigg Boss S11 E24 | 02 November 2017: Has Vikas quit Bigg Boss?

Bigg Boss S11 E25 | 03 November 2017: Vikas tries to run away from Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss S11 E25.1| 04 November 2017: Housemates faces Salman’s fury.

Bigg Boss S11 E25.2 | 05 November 2017: Housemates’ secrets revealed.

Bigg Boss S11 E26 | 06 November 2017: Priyank makes Arshi cry.

Bigg Boss S11 E27 | 07 November 2017: Biggest fight of the season in Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss S11 E28 | 08 November 2017: Captaincy or less prize money.

Bigg Boss S11 E29 | 09 November 2017: Let the blame game begin.

Bigg Boss S11 E30 | 10 November 2017: Friends no more!

Bigg Boss S11 E30.1 | 11 November 2017: Bigg laughs with Kapil Sharma.

Bigg Boss S11 E30.2 | 12 November 2017: Vidya Balan in the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss S11 E31 | 13 November 2017: Priyank goes bald.

Bigg Boss S11 E32 | 14 November 2017: Vikas offer sttumps Shilpa.

Bigg Boss S11 E33 | 15 November 2017: Priyank – Ben get intimate.

Bigg Boss S11 E34 | 16 November 2017: Vikas calls Luv bailbuddhi.

Bigg Boss S11 E35 | 17 November 2017: A hot pool party.

Bigg Boss S11 E35.1 | 18 November 2017: Sunny leone in BB house.

Bigg Boss S11 E35.2 | 19 November 2017: Deepika in Weekend Ka Vaar.

Bigg Boss S11 E36 | 20 November 2017: When Titans clash.

Bigg Boss S11 E37 | 21 November 2017: Priyank calls Arshi a flirt.

Bigg Boss S11 E38 | 22 November 2017: Courtroom drama turns nasty.

Bigg Boss S11 E39 | 23 November 2017: Priyank vs Arshi

Bigg Boss S11 E40 | 24 November 2017: Akash’s meltdown!

Bigg Boss S11 E40.1 | 25 November 2017: Salman walks off!

Bigg Boss S11 E40.2 | 26 November 2017: Race 3 cast on BB House.

Bigg Boss S11 E41 | 27 November 2017: Puneesh throws a shoe at Akash.

Bigg Boss S11 E42 | 28 November 2017: Task or Torture?

Bigg Boss S11 E43 | 29 November 2017: Revenge story gone wrong.

Bigg Boss S11 E44 | 30 November 2017: Akash calls Punnesh Om Swami.

Bigg Boss S11 E45 | 01 December 2017: The DJ war is on between Vikas & Priyank!

Bigg Boss S11 E45.1 | 02 December 2017: Katrina’s Swag Se Swagat on Weekend Ka War.

Bigg Boss S11 E45.2 | 03 December 2017: Belly Dancing for Katrina.

Bigg Boss S11 E46 | 04 December 2017: Who run the world!

Bigg Boss S11 E47 | 05 December 2017: Captaincy not a child’s play!

Bigg Boss S11 E48 | 06 December 2017: Hiten betrays Hina.

Bigg Boss S11 E49 | 07 December 2017: End Of #Divyank!

Bigg Boss S11 E50 | 08 December 2017:

Bigg Boss S11 E50.1 | 09 December 2017:

Bigg Boss S11 E50.2 | 10 December 2017:

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